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General Thread Terms Glossary

Wondering what a Zig Zag Lockstitch is? Are you baffled by long, unpronounceable names? Our General Thread Terms Glossary gives you the full A-Z on everything textile. A complete guide to seam types, stitches, thread science, retail solutions, technical support and resources.

Technical Textile Terms Glossary

The A&E Technical Textile Terms Glossary is a comprehensive online resource of technical terms in use in the textile industry, and covering technology, materials, manufacturing processes and products.

Embroidery Terms Glossary

The Embroidery Terms Glossary contains a wealth of
embroidery terms and definitions and tons of process improvement
information.  Bookmark this valuable online FREE resource as it
continues to expand.

Selection Logic Glossary

In order to select the right thread for a specific application, there are three elements you should consider: Fiber Type,Thread Construction, and Thread Size. This glossary details the process of thread selection.

Stitch Terminology Glossary

This quick reference guide is to help communication between designers, production managers and sewing contractors and contains the most common stitch types and ISO standards.

Other Glossaries and Resources

Find Seam Type Information, Stitches (glossaries and matrix),
Thread Science, Global  Retail Solutions Workshops, and Resource
websites here.


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