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D-CORE? Thread dyed as Indigo and used for embroidery

This technical bulletin covers this use of D-Core? Indigo for use in embroidery and the precautions and care required.

Embroidery Quality Checklist

Provides a checklist to assist you in producing quality embroidery from the pre-production step to the final inspection of your finished embroidery pattern.

Tips for Sewing with Metallic Embroidery Thread

Provides tips for sewing metallic embroidery thread.

Common Embroidery Quality Defects

Describes common embroidery quality defects. Also provides graphics and tips on minimizing defects.

Embroidery Placement

Provides helpful embroidery placement recommendations.

Tips for Minimizing Interruptions on Embroidery Machines

Provides causes and solutions for machine interruptions.

Embroidery Application Guide

Provides needle, thread and backing information for various garment applications.


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